Music in video is called "Power (Our Campfire Song)" by owner Jill Simmons and her husband Andy. To hear the whole song and more of their music click here


More about Elia's MOUNTAIN TEA...

Tea West Trade followed along blogger and model Valerie Loo ( @Valeriadabomb ) as she spent her morning making Elia's Mountain Tea before heading out to Gate's Pass in Tucson, Arizona.

While the tea is simple to make, mountain tea brews a little different as it involves putting the stems, leaves and flowers all into the boiling water. From there you just let it boil for 3-7 minutes depending on how strong you like your tea, and Voila! From there you just strain out the tea into your favorite cup and enjoy! 

Elia's Mountain Tea is grown in the mountains of Lakonia, Greece, and is only grown in the high elevation of mountains in rock crevices. 

This tea has been enjoyed for centuries by those in Eastern Europe for its vast amount of health benefits. High in antioxidants, the tea is even known to have anti-inflammatory elements as well as being able to soothe mild anxiety.

Not only this, but shepherds in the mountains used to drink this tea regularly to prevent the flu and common cold! Elia's Mountain Tea actually derives it's name from Tea West Trade's very own Jill Simmon's grandfather, Elia. He was a shephard in Macedonia. Click below to learn more about the background of Jill and the tea!