4 Daily Rituals to Start Having Happier Days


Our mission is to share health, happiness, and adventure through the power of tea. 

We want to constantly educate our community on ways to improve their own lives and lives of others. That being said, we are firm believers in the power of daily rituals that make you slow down, have time with yourself, and give the world gratitude for the amazing things in your life.

Here are four rituals we believe will make your days brighter and lives more full:

1. Morning Meditation

Whether you are an advanced yogi or can barely touch your fingertips to your ankles, taking time to sit, and listen to your body with a cleared mind can drastically change your mood for the rest of the day. 

Meditation doesn't have to just be for the Buddhists or those very connected to the spiritual world. You could be atheist, jewish, or wicken and still find benefit from sitting down, controlling your breathing and exhaling bad thoughts, feelings and energy.

If you just can't seem to clear your mind when you do this, that's okay, it takes practice. Here are a few tips to get you there:

1. Make sure to be somewhere comfortable and away from interruption. 

Nothings ruins a meditation session like your dog barking at a squirrel, hearing your family members talking on the phone, or having your butt hurt because you're sitting on a lego. Find a place in your home or outside that you can get away from the noises of life, and if that is not possible, try wearing headphones and listening to music that soothes you. Instrumentals are always nice because you can't get distracted from the words. Also, be comfortable! Invest in a yoga mat, or create one with blankets. It won't work if your body can't feel relaxed.

2. Concentrate on a smell

A popular way to alert the brain that a meditation session is about to occur is by using the same scent each time before you sit down. A calming essential oil, or a tea to have in front of you is an excellent way to focus. Smell is the most powerful sense as it gets directly connected to memories in the brain. Our Purple Mountain Tea is the perfect tea to meditate with because not only are both the mountain tea and lavender high in anti-anxiety properties when ingested, but the smell alone will be able to bring you back to if your mind starts to stray during your meditation. 

3. Try a visual method

If you still just can't seem to keep worry or pesky thoughts out of your head, try this mentally visual method. When you close your eyes for the first time, there is normally a red tint. Think of red as the color of stress, bad thoughts, or bad energy (whatever is hindering your daily mood in a negative manner.) Now visualize with every deep exhale that you are literally breathing out the color red. With each breath of red goes your anxiety about your work presentation later, the bill you have coming up, or the fight you got into with your girlfriend. Now with every inhale, imagine breathing in the color blue. Make blue represent happiness and gratitude, and anything you need to tell yourself on a daily basis. Keep visualizing this with every breath and reach the goal that the only color you see with your eyes closed is blue, and there isn't even anymore red to exhale. You will open your eyes afterward and feel light and without worry. Try doing this for 10 min if possible, but any amount of time you can spend with yourself and your thoughts will be worth it. Try doing this every morning and don't even make it an option not to do so. You will notice a positive difference in how you deal with life's problems and how better energies will start to come to you. 


2. Take breakfast slow

We so often rush out the door with a granola bar in our mouths, a thermos of warmed up tea in one hand, and our phone in the other already answering emails. 

Why do we rush our mornings? This is the time of the day that will quite literally set the tone for the rest of the day. Wake up 20 minutes earlier, make some eggs and toast, cuddle with your dog, actually take the time to boil water and make a cup of your favorite morning drink. Relax. You're going to be at work soon enough, don't start it any earlier than you have to.

Make it a daily ritual that you wake up, start your teapot, make your favorite morning dish of bacon and eggs, and sit outside on your porch and just breathe and give your mind adequate time to wake up and prepare for the day. A great tea to start your day with is our Tea of the Dead, being a caffeinated black tea blend, it also is full of floral and fruity scents such as rose-petals and mango. You'll literally be able to wake up and smell the roses. Tell yourself it's going to be an amazing day because it's in YOUR control whether it will be or not. 

3. Make it a rule that you ALWAYS go outside to watch the sunset

The sunset happens everyday and it's your choice whether or not to enjoy it. Making this intentional decision to make sure you see something beautiful at least once a day will not only improve your mood, but will help if you have problems stepping away from the laptop while working or getting off the couch and feeling sorry for yourself. Do this ONE thing for yourself daily and watch as you start to see the value in controlling how you spend your days. 

4. Read before bed 

Yes, read. Try forcing yourself to put down your phone on the side table and pick up a book, a magazine, a cereal box label, We don't really care what you decide, but put that phone down! Learn something with non-fiction, get inspired, go to a different world with fiction, read about someone you aspire to have similar qualities to, read about something you've always said "I wish i was better at this" or "I wish i was more educated on that." Make it happen. You have the whole day to be on your phone, why choose when you're laying down trying to fall asleep to do that? Books don't have the blue light that is SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN to harm sleep patterns. Books actually help you fall asleep. So dedicate some time before bed to shut off the brain and enter someone else's head for a bit. Your sleep habits will improve AND you'll be learning! Whoo! 

Can't calm down enough to sit and start reading? Make some Elia's or Purple Mountain Tea before bed to trigger the brain with the scent, and to begin to relax. Drinking mountain tea once a day will help keep colds and flus away, relieves anxiety and prevents Alzheimer's disease. Purple Mountain Tea is blended with lavender and will help you relax to get an amazing night of rest. 


These are just four of hundreds of daily rituals that can enhance your mood, thus making the world a happier place one person at a time. Have your own daily ritual you want to share with us? Tag us with #TeaWestRituals and we'll share it on our page!