Tea of the Dead Mango Margarita


With each new tea, Tea West Trade will provide you with a delicious and refreshing tea cocktail that you can make from home. 

Our Day of the Dead inspired blend screamed mango margarita at us, and let us tell you, you will want to make a big batch of this beauty and share with all of your friends.

How do you make a margarita with tea you ask? Well let us tell you in these two quick and easy steps!

*Recipe for one and a half glasses*

What you need:

- A blender (or if making on the rocks with mango puree you don't need a blender)

- Tea of the Dead

- One cup of sugar

- One cup of water

- 1.5 oz of Tequila

- half of a lime

- a mango (or one cup of mango puree)

- optional* Triple Sec

Step 1: Making the Tea of the Dead infused simple syrup

Pour one cup of water into a pot on the stove on high. While stirring, pour in one cup of sugar and 1-2 teaspoons of Tea of the Dead and keep stirring as you bring it to a boil. Let it cool then strain into a container. (the syrup can be kept for up to a month if refrigerated)

Step 2: 

Add one mango (or one cup of mango puree,) 1.5 oz of tequila, 2-3 tbs of Tea of the Dead infused syrup, juice of one half of a lime, and a handful of ice. Blend to a consistency of your own liking and pour into a glass and garnish with lime. 

Feel free to alter ingredients to your preferred taste!

When you make this drink, be sure to snap a photo and tag us on our social media so we can share it! 

Drink responsibly. ;)