Mountain Tea Cocktails


Our mountain tea is versatile for many reasons, but one of Jill's favorite ways to enjoy this tea is after a long week in a mountain tea cocktail.

Here we are going to show you how to make two simple cocktails using both our Elia's and Purple Mountain Teas.


Purple Mountain Mule

What you need:

- one cup of sugar

- one cup of water

- Purple Mountain Tea (2-3 sprigs)

- Vodka

- Ginger Beer

- a strainer


Step 1 : Pour one cup of water and one cup of sugar into pot 

Step 2: Add 2-3 sprigs of Purple Mountain Tea and about two pinches of the lavender.

Step 3: Bring to a boil while stirring consecutively to keep the sugar from burning. Turn off heat after it begins to boil. 

Step 4: After letting it cool, strain the Purple Mountain Tea infused simple syrup into your glass. (portion to liking)

Step 5: Add ice and your choice of ginger beer

Step 6: Add 1.5 oz of vodka

Step 7: Garnish with a lime slice and a sprig of the mountain tea, and Enjoy!

The Mountain Goat

If you aren't a fan of ginger beer, we have another option that is just as delicious we like to call the Mountain Goat.

For this cocktail the process and ingredients stay the same except you will replace the ginger beer with club soda, and we recommend using Elia's Mountain Tea (Purple Mountain Tea works as well if you prefer it.)

We hope you enjoy these refreshing cocktails, and make sure to post to Facebook and Instagram when you make them so you can tag us and we can repost your creations! 


Keep adventuring and drink responsibly!