Three ways to brew mountain tea

Some of you may think that you don't have the tools to properly brew mountain tea due to it's unique brewing process.

You may have noticed, we at Tea West Trade normally use a pot with a spout and a mesh strainer to make our mountain teas, and while these are available at many stores with home supplies, we want to give those without these tools other options!


Option 1.

A French/Tea Press

photo sent in from mountain tea lovers  Blake  and  Alexis . 

photo sent in from mountain tea lovers Blake and Alexis

Simply let the tea boil for 3-7 min in a pot, as usual, and pour the entire pot into the french or tea press. Then, press like you would coffee beans, and you have a clean and easy strain! 

Option 2.

A Coffee Filter and a Funnel

If you don't have any fancy equipment to brew this tea and want to ensure your cup is free of lavender buds or mountain tea leaves, we have a makeshift strainer idea to solve that problem. All you'll need is a coffee filter and a funnel. Boil the tea in a pot as usual, and place the filter in the funnel over your cup. Now pour and enjoy!

Option 3.

No Strainer

With Elia's Mountain Tea it actually isn't hard to just pour the tea into your cup without using anything to strain it because the tea pieces themselves float to the bottom of the pot and usually don't go into the cup at all! The sprigs are big enough to just pick out with a spoon if it happens to fall into your cup.

The Purple Mountain Tea, however, does have smaller pieces of lavender buds, but these could easily be scooped out with a spoon as well since they float at the top.

Some even drink it without straining it on purpose to keep steeping the tea and for aesthetic purposes as pictured in the second image above.


We know that mountain tea is unique for many reasons, and we want to ensure the abnormalities of the tea don't keep anyone from trying it! We say be adventurous with your teas and keep exploring new ways to enjoy them.

If you have a creative way you make our mountain teas, send us an email or tag us on a post on Facebook or Instagram and we'll share it with the tea world.

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Thank you and keep adventuring!