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Ginger peach black teA! 

Ginger Peach is a black tea blend made from fresh ginger root and sun-ripened peaches, a perfect blend to spring you into warmer weather. Enjoy hot or cool down this Spring/Summer season with an iced tea! The organic black tea is sourced from tea gardens in India. The peach adds a fruity taste, while the ginger adds health benefits like assisting stomach problems.


Satva PuriTea is an organic oolong tea. Oolong is similar to green tea, and is a traditional Chinese tea that has a list of health benefits from gut health to brain function. 

This Chinese oolong tea is named after the Chinese Iron Goddess of Mercy, who is known to be the female emodiment of Avalokiteśvara Bodhisattva. It is said a poor tea farmer named Wei cleaned the goddess’s run down temple daily and prayed for a way to keep it from falling apart. The goddess visited him in his dream and told him to check a cave for the answer. There he found a tea shoot, and planted it. This became Ti Kuan Yin, our Satva PuriTea, and he was able to sell the tea to help his farm prosper and keep the temple from ruin.



Our Roots

"....My biggest connection with tea started when I began delving into the genealogy of my father’s side. That side of my family is from Macedonia in Eastern Europe. My great-grandfather Elia passed away two years before I was born, so I wanted so badly to learn more about him. I found out he was a shepherd in the mountains of Macedonia in the early 1900s before settling in America with my great-grandmother."

Learn more about owner Jill Simmons and how her family history connected her to her passion for tea below! 


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to share adventure, health and happiness through the power of tea.

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